Renfrew Fair

September 6-10, 2017

Light Horse


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Last updated May 16, 2017 

COMMITTEE: Nanci Lines – Chairperson, Matthew Fraser, Chase Miller, Sarah Taylor, Andrew Warren


  1. Rider ages as of January 1, 2017.
  2. Each exhibitor must use a separate entry form.
  3. The general rules for Renfrew Fair shall apply in all cases.
  4. Stalls to be allotted in the order of receiving entries and no stalls will be

allotted without a paid entry and stall fee.

  1. No bedding will be provided.
  2. Classes will be shown in the order they are scheduled on the program.
  3. Although we are not a sanctioned event, we will be following the Equine Canada

rules as they pertain to Section A – General Regulations; Section F – General

Performance, Western, Equitation and Section G – Hunter, Jumper, Equitation

and Hack.

  1. For all events, including warmup, proper helmets and footwear must be worn whenever mounted. The riding helmets must be CSA approved and have a fixed harness. The footwear must have a one inch heal. This rule includes non-competitors who are warming up or schooling horses.
  2. All exhibitors must be members of the Renfrew Agricultural Society. 2017 membership fee is $5.00 and must be paid before start of show. When prize money is being dispersed, a deduction of $5.00 will be made for the 2018 membership fee.
  3. All animals must have proof of a negative Coggins Test within the current year to be shown at the office when picking up numbers.
  4. Exhibitors must be in the ring at the time classes are called or their entries will be refused. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Whipper-in.
  5. All riders mounted on horses must wear competitor’s number.


Entries to: Renfrew Agricultural Society

115 Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Renfrew, Ontario

K7V 2R5


Entries must be received by Friday, September 1, 2017. However, entries can also be made on the day of the show up to the start of the day’s show. NO ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AFTER THE START OF THE SHOW.


Entry Fees: $8.85 + $1.15 HST = $10.00 per class before deadline for Friday ONLY

$13.27 + $1.72 HST = $15.00 per class day of show for Friday ONLY

Stabling: $4.42 + $0.58 HST = $5.00 per stall

Warm-Up Fee: $5.00





9:00 A.M.


For the purpose of Friday’s show, Western riders MUST also wear a CSA approved helmet or they will be asked to leave the show ring. NO exceptions!


English Tack: English saddle and snaffle bridle with a noseband


Beginner – 1st or 2nd year riding. Based on the rider, not the horse.

Junior – 17 years old and under

Senior – 18 years old and over

Open – open to all age levels.

Any rider showing in the beginner level may not cross-enter into the other levels.

The only riders eligible for the games are riders who have entered other classes in the novice show.


PRIZE MONEY for Class 1 – 17: 1st – $20.00; 2nd $18.00; 3rd – $15.00; 4th – $10.00; 5th – $5.00



  1. Tack and Turnout
  2. Walk/Halt Command (may have a leader)
  3. Walk/Trot Equitation
  4. Walk/Trot Pleasure Horse
  5. Equitation Under Saddle
  6. English Pleasure Horse
  7. Obstacle Course
  8. Trotting Pole Course
  9. Pleasure Pairs Under Saddle
  10. Pleasure Pairs Over Fences
  11. Sack Race
  12. Egg & Spoon Race
  13. Tire Race (rider will need to have the ability to fit through a tire)
  14. Simon Says
  15. Laundry Game (teams of two)
  16. Costume Class
  17. Ride A Buck









9:00 A.M.



PRIZE MONEY: 1st – $20.00; 2nd – $18.00; 3rd – $15.00; 4th – $10.00; 5th – $5.00

Ribbons awarded to 1st – 5th place winners

Champion and Reserve Champion Ribbons


Entry Fees: $8.85 + $1.15 HST = $10.00 per class before deadline

                     $13.27 + $1.72 HST = $15.00 per class day of show

                     $22.12 + $2.88 HST = $25.00 per division before deadline

                     $26.54 + $3.46 HST = $30.00 per division day of show




  1. Lead line equitation (No cross enter)


Beginner Division (1st year riders – no cross enter) (W/T Only)

  1. Equitation over poles
  2. Equitation under saddle
  3. Command (Elimination)


Pre-Novice 18” (Trot between fences)

  1. Hunter over fences (trot only)
  2. Equitation over fences (trot only)
  3. W/T Equitation under saddle


Novice Rider 2’

  1. Hunter over fences
  2. Equitation over fences
  3. Equitation under saddle


Child/Adult 2’

  1. Hunter over fences
  2. Equitation over fences
  3. Hunter under saddle


Hack Division

  1. Pleasure hack
  2. Road hack
  3. Show hack





Training Hunter 2’3”

  1. Hunter over fences
  2. Equitation over fences
  3. Equitation under saddle


Open Hunter 2’6”

  1. Hunter over fences
  2. Equitation over fences
  3. Hunter under saddle



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